A year after Porcelain id first emerged with the DIY EP Mango, the Rwandan artist releases Reprise, a stripped-down reinterpretation of that debut. 

While Mango was a concept EP about queerness, police brutality and identity, Reprise is an intimate and poetic state of affairs, inspired by the drastic changes of the past year. The lo-fi sound has been replaced by breathtaking minimalism. Porcelain id presents new versions of Blauw, Montana, No Denim and Muschel that match the intensity and intimacy of their impressive live versions. All tracks on the EP were made in one day with Nicolas Rombouts, except for Blauw and Vlaanderen, on which James de Graef from Shht played keys in a second studio session. 

The EP also includes a brand new song: Vlaanderen. The gospel song, sung in Porcelain id’s local Flemish accent, is a tragically beautiful ode to the misfortunes in life. It was written the night their son was born, an overwhelming moment that reminded the artist of their own childhood and the struggles that came with it as a black and queer person. Vlaanderen is perhaps their most personal song to date, and it has already proven to be an audience favourite on live shows.

Hubert switches smoothly between Dutch and English and writes personal lyrics about identity, gender and racism. Their unique musicality is influenced by Dan Bejar (Destroyer), Bon Iver and Daniel Johnston. In two years’ time, Porcelain id has become one of the most interesting emerging talents in Belgium, with an impressive live reputation that led to support shows for Meskerem Mees, Sylvie Kreusch and Roland Van Campenhout and a first prize in the national Sound Track competition.

Reprise (16.09.2022 - Unday Records)
Produced, recorded & mixed by Nicolas Rombouts at Studio Caporal
Mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering
Design & Lay Out by Studio Addergebroed
Photograph by Adel Setta

1. Blauw
2. No Denim
3. Muschel
4. Montana
5. Vlaanderen

Hubert Tuyishime: Vocals, Guitar
James De Graef: Piano on 'Blauw' & Wurlitzer Electric Piano on 'Vlaanderen'
Emma Hessels: Backing Vocals on 'Vlaanderen'
Jazz Sanusi: Backing Vocals on 'Vlaanderen'
Nicolas Rombouts: Percussuion on 'Vlaanderen'