In these trying times, where intimacy and closeness are fraught with danger, Dans Dans brings you the sound of connection, communication, passion and togetherness.


Opening with the moody noir rhythms of ‘CinderBay’, Dans Dans look to construct their own musical universe across ‘Zink’. ‘Naiad’ unfolds into a devastating explosion of heavy feedback and wild, crashing drums before subtle electronica and baroque art-rock collide on ‘Anemone’ giving a good indication of Dans Dans’ eclecticism. There’s unquestionably a deep, underlying filmic beauty to the music, an evolving darkness and a perpetual sense of dread and paranoia. Elsewhere, ‘Ravine’ is intoxicating, provocative and uncompromising while the beatific ‘Shell Star’ is an infectious exploration of hypnotic grooves, atmospheric sounds and mind- bending melodies.

Producer Christine Verschorren (Philippe Catherine, Ivan Paduart) accentuates the music's wondrous fluidity throughout ‘Zink’; the intriguing interplay; the subtle ties; the deep layering. Musical styles and influences are being blended organically and sublimated into what can only be called Dans Dans-music. “This is no fusion, no rock or jazz or ambient. This is the sound of the searching, intuitive human; of a timeless, mysterious dream; of the heart, the gut and the soul,” says Dockx.

1. Cinder Bay
2. Naiad
3. Blue Silver
4. Anemone
5. Sleeper
6. Ravine
7. Shell Star
8. Wrist

Zink (23.04.21 - Unday Records)

Frederic Lyenn Jacques: bass, baritone guitar, synth
Steven Cassiers: drums, percussion, synth
Bert Dockx: guitar, cassette player
all music composed, arranged and improvised by Dans Dans
produced, recorded and mixed by Christine Verschorren
assisted by Thibault Dupont
recorded at Daft Studios (Malmedy, Belgium, November 2020) 
and Jet Studio (Brussels, Belgium, December 2020)
mixed at Dada Studios (Brussels, Belgium, January 2021)
mastered by Frederic Alstadt
artwork by Frederic Lyenn Jacques
photo editing by wholepicture
design and layout by Visuals Internationals
thanks to Marc Galo, Stef Kamil Carlens, Olivier Gilson, 
Thibault Dupont, the Dada family, Rudy & Muriel