Visceral meditation: that’s what the self-titled debut album of Pruillip is all about.

Eight songs channeling elemental emotions, kickin’ deep into the internal organs of the body.

Low end frequency swagger droning up from Louis Evrard’s amp, ready to slip into ‘Place All Your Cards’, slow burning sludge nugget, bolstered by the steady drum kicks of Annelies Van Dinter, where every note and strike seems to carry the weight of the world. Navigating through life, seducing you with her gloomy voice. Entering a quest into the unknown, a place you don’t want to leave. A feeling increased by the abrasive and brutal ‘Boterham’: a punk sludge anthem for the hungry and the wild at heart, countered with the reverb-shrouded murmur ‘Distracted Enthusiasm’. The lonely ‘Zonnedauw’ sets the mark of an apparently more resigned B-side, stretching the Pruillip universe with primitive, but so addictive, riffs in ‘Mirrors’, echoing vibes of 90’s desert sessions while ‘Offload’ and the lucid state of Ataraxia seems to drift on raw emotions and a sweaty claustrophobic tension, which would fit perfectly in Wim Wenders Paris Texas movie. A whirlwind of a record, straight to the bone, leaving you flabbergasted and wanting for more.

Pruillip (Cortizona - 10.11.23)

  1. Introduction
  2. Place All Your Cards
  3. Boterham
  4. Distracted Enthusiasm
  5. Zonnedauw
  6. Mirrors
  7. Offload
  8. Ataraxia

Louis Evrard: guitar & moog
Annelies Van Dinter: drums & vocals
All music written, arranged & produced by Pruillip
Recorded by Pieterjan Coppejans at Robot Studios, Gent
Mixed by Peter Desmedt at Studio Ledeberg, Gent
Mastered by Cochlea MAstering, Antwerpen
Cut by Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin

Distribution by N.E.W.S. Distribution
Cover photo by Pruillip