Blackie & The Oohoos

Blackie & The Oohoos

Their debut album was produced by ‘Peter Obbels’ and released in october 2010 on Dia Records/ Bertus. The first singel ‘Love Birds’ got picked up by national radio and the album was recieved well by press and fans.  A quote by online magazine ‘Goddeau’ sums it all up quite well:

“Debut albums often get pinned down as ‘worthy’, but Blackie & The Oohoos are much more than that. Blackie & The Oohoos are just perfect. Your favourite new night-record is out now!”





1. Loveboy
2. Devil Child
3. Alone Again
4. Lovebirds
5. Charlie
6. Nemo
7. You
8. Over Again
9. Silly Game

Blackie & The Oohoos (04.10.2010 - Dia Records/Bertus)
Produced by Peter Obbels

Loesje Maieu: Vocals, Accordion, Casio
Martha Maieu: Vocals, Korg, Xylophone
Milan Warmoeskerken: Guitar, Bass
Laurens Duerinck: Guitar, Bass
Ruben Pensaert: Drums